BDTD 109 Antipan
live at sedition.. the alt-rock band on speed and one of them is on xanax. - Massively potent accumulation of barbaric free fuzz psych rock in a heady Mainliner/Musica Transonic style from this legendary Oz outfit featuring Matt and Nick from xNOBBQx alongside a buncha spare heads. This is one of the most machine gun-intense blats of refusenik rock brut yet to escape from the Breakdance stable, with a crude production style that would overload even Nanjo Asahito, barely-there riffs wrestled from walls of feedback, walls of pure sludge and faster than Rashied Ali-style snare work. Breakdance The Dawn represents the greatest dissembling and amplification of rock’s urge to ugh since the heyday of Xpressway. Highly recommended. - c. David Keenan 2011