BDTD 112 Emotional About The Rainbow
from David Keenan "It’ll be clear to regular VTers that we are pretty much fully-paid-up members of the Melanie Jade Simpson fanclub. Her work with Craft Bandits, Pink Mouse, Cup Cake Club, Simsuns et al is nothing short of revelatory, as are her various personal actions and spontaneous acts of creativity. So we were all pretty excited to score copies of her latest project, the inspirationally titled Emotional About The Rainbow that also features Matt Earle of Craft Bandits/xNOBBQx and Adam Sussmann of X-Wave/2779 etc. EATR are more focussed on sludgy electric psychedelic rock, lifting basslines and dynamism from Public Image Limited circa “Careering” while playing in the classic collapsing universe style of prime Kousokuya. The tracks have an endless nod-out appeal, with Mel’s guitar and her keening vocals threading in and out and tying the whole thing up in delicious weirdo knots. Think of The Simsuns as played by PCP-chugging bikers with a feel for post-fire music freedoms and a love of magnetic bottom end and you’re almost there. But there’s also a kind of naive rock instrumentalism here that bears comparison to the early Red Krayola/Mayo Thompson material that serves to keep the whole thing beautifully unstable. Another winner from Mel – highly recommended!" 2011 c. Volcanic Tongue