BDTD 124 Girls Girls Girls - Borsch
- Another great one from the Brisbane based trio of Matt Earle of Craft Bandits/xNoBBQx etc on drums and electronics, Adam Park of Sprot on bass and Rohan Holiday of Kitten Party/Teen Sex on guitar. Together they play a radically dilated form of avant garage with creepy, minimal guitar lines over questing, brokedown bass and staggered rhythms. Some nicely cranked motorik almost-grooves on this one, if you can imagine the Corwood recording that never came out on Flying Nun then you’re at least close: “together we are great like the gentlemen of Brisbane underground rock 'n' roll... there’s all these girl bands here at the moment and they’re all great but they won’t let us jam with them so we started our own.” – Matt Earle. - c. 2011 David Keenan. Vinyl Re-issue on Little Big Chief (USA)