BDTD 126 stag - live at realbad
Exhilarating set of UK DIY damaged all-female garage kicks with nods to Harry Pussy, Kleenex, Titmachine et al: “All I can say is holy shit... this band is really something else, great energy great beats, I’ve wanted to do their tape for ages, they used to rehearse downstairs but I always thought they were in another league, you know like they could take this shit to anywhere and the asshole would be thinking 'heeelll maayybe I aam the luuckiest dowgfurcker'. The band is Ghoulia (ex-Kitchen’s Floor drummer) bass Drea Merkin (Brutal Hate mosh) guitar, vocal, Katie Martin (Brainbeu, Gerald Keany, Shooga, X In O) keyboards, Sarah Byrne (Sky Needle, Greg Boring) drums, vocal.” – Matt Earle- c. 2011 David Keenan