BDTD 134 xnobbqx - we ate it
a blues rock - slow feedback release from nobbq - Brand new blat from the always-winning duo of Matt Earle and Nick Dan. No one has so completely devolved rock form as these two, playing guitar/drums face-offs in the kind of blunt style that would relocate Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson’s Daily Dance somewhere downwind of the crudest DIY with two guitars orbiting fists of blurry single notes, drums that collapse all over themselves with the force of your favourite sledgehammer and simple two chord jams that are almost irresistibly charged. xNoBBQx take everything that was great about alla the most primal rock/roll hunch and reduce it to its most primal phonetics. The results are always stupidly satisfying. - c.2011 David Keenan - There's not much I can really say about xnobbqx- the undisputed kings of clatter at this point without sounding like an asshole. a true love-em or hate-em band and I am surely in the camp of the former loving away at every minute of their confounding, unapproachable noise. their fried sense of humour is unmatched in the Australian noise scene (here's a group thatstarted out under a guise of a vegan hardcore band influeced by Eric fucking Clapton!) and their music is always unique and usuallly unpredictable. this latest release is a live set.. the dubbing sound like absolute shit, but in this case it does enefit the times; burying the layers of Matt's amp feedback and untuned guitar freakouts in an absorbing, menacing murk, making Nick really fight it out so we can hear him destroy his drum kit; and turning the confused audience chatter into nothing more than soft bursts of digital buzzery, like flies caught in the tape deck. they hit a peah here at the end of the A-side that might be the groups most chaotic documented moment. this release demonstrates that xnobbqx are still releasing Australian piromordial sounds ast its most and viocusly. - c.2011 Brendon Annesley.