BDTD 136 respado reposado
(bleak outback exorcisms, like mad nanna in a k-hole) - c 2011. Brendon Annesley. - Imagine Lou Reed’s “Heroin” as played by The Lost Domain with their hands tied behind their backs and Jandek circa The Living End on guitar and vocals and you’re close to the inexplicable appeal of Australia’s Respado Resposado. The songs always seem to be seconds away from complete implosion and the rhythms are pure nod-out w/aspects of primitive free jazz. Strings are twonked, tickled and quizzed, vocals are slurred off mic and nods are given to country blues and The Velvets but filtered through a profoundly damaged and defiantly non-coherent non-musicianly outlook. Totally fantastic, another winner from BDTD with that classic in-house ‘feel’. More please! c.2011 David Keenan