BDTD 146 Orara
Great set of electric ritual/blurry drone rock from the Australian trio of Matt Earle (Breakdance/xNoBBQx/Craft Bandits et al), Rory Brown and Adam Sussmann (2779/Emotional About The Rainbow et al): Matt describes this one as sounding “like Miles Davis wit da Skaters in the blue mountains” and that’s pretty spot on, with the kind of expiring brass that illuminated Heathen Earth situated in the kind of drone torrents more commonly associated with the Invasion Of Thunderbolt Pagoda. The ululating percussion is particularly hypnotic as is the smoky production style, with a John Godbert-era Vibracathedral Orchestra feel given that classic edge-of-the-world Breakdance production style.. - c. David Keenan 2012