BDTD 148 the sha
a real psychedelic-rock shambolic. good licks - Great post-Beefheart blunt metal improvisations from a group that can really make the basement wail, Matt Earle (Breakdance/xNoBBQx/Craft Bandits), Christian Durham and Adam Sussmann: this is classic free rock squall, with thudding Kousokuya style base accompanied by some amazing lunar string wrassling that flits between fleet Magic Band-style psych, early Royal Trux basement blues and Sonny Sharrock circa Black Woman. Indeed, this could be the post-Xpressway Last Exit that the underground has been crying out for, massively extended investigations into liberated string violence with enough dunder to float a crate of Black Sabbath albums. Fantastic. - c. David Keenan 2012