BDTD 150 Girls Girls Girls
delay-o-matic rock like a robot in love. - The 150th (!!?!) release on Australia’s sainted Breakdance The Dawn label presents new recordings from Girls Girls Girls, the trio of Matt Earle of Craft Bandits/xNoBBQx etc on drums and electronics, Adam Park of Sprot on bass and Rohan Holiday of Kitten Party/Teen Sex on guitar: Girls Girls Girls play minimal, rhythmically focussed rock with nods to Corwood and PSF. Indeed, aspects of the weirdo bass/drums interplay reflect on the recent Fushitsusha/Seijaku recordings with bassist Mitsuru Nasuno but with odd distant/FX-fucked vocals and huge voids of amplifier hiss. I’ll take this over any ‘lower case’ furniture polishers. Later tracks almost come over like a more dilated/improvisatory Spacemen 3 albeit played by a bunch of autistic kids from a Jodorowsky movie. - c. David Keenan 2012