BDTD 154 xwave
Great early Dead C-styled creeped out amplifier worship from this Australian outfit with connections to xNoBBQx et al: simple bass lines and single thudding drums conjure an atmosphere of nocturnal dread that’s almost like a degraded take on The Fall’s Bend Sinister but with distant guitars playing minor keyed Japanese psych melodies or a punk-primitive Can cutting demos for Xpressway. Hard to believe that these guys can generate such a compulsive atmosphere with such spare means. When they take off they have that post-Velvets cyborg appeal of the original Simply Saucer with endless almost surf-inflected guitar soloing that has that classic edge-of-the-world faraway fidelity. Massively addictive, can’t stop spinning this one, highly recommended. - c. David Keenan 2012