BDTD 159 love chants - the first sessions
Amazing set of blasted downer folk/rock bliss from three masters of the form; Michael Zulicki of Mad Nanna et al, Matt Earle of Breakdance The Dawn etc and Anthony Guerra Of Black Petal. Side A without Matt Earle. - Love Chants use guitar, drums and vocals to generate somnambulant slow-motion garage moves that take nod-out re-thinks of the third Velvet Underground album and dilate it with almost-Loren Connors-style single chord poetry and the kinda free-floating garage psych of Japan’s Suishou No Fune. As a vocalist Guerra exhales more than sings, adding blushes of luminous tone to the tracks in a way that comes over like a post-coital take on the barely-there tradition pioneered by Reiko Kudo, Ai Aso et al. The playing somehow manages to be simultaneously restrained and tightrope-walking, constantly teetering on total collapse while navigating the kind of instant universal music of a Babi or A Little Treatise On Morals shot through with great gobs of silent white light. Heartbreaking idiot avant at some kind of a-formal peak. Very highly recommended!- c. David Keenan 2013