BDTD 071 mysteries of love - no one
Another gem un earthed from the break dance the dawn sacred mineral reserve. Mysteries vocalist Anthony Guerra (Antipan, Love Chants, Your Intestines) is one of the key players in the bdtd scene and this record, one of his hallmark performances, is the latest to drop on LP on Albert's Basement from the breakdance back catalogue. recorded sometime in the 00's in Tokyo, Japan by A Guerra (vocals), Mark Anderson (drums), Mark Sadgrove (guitar) and Noel Callan (guitar).
- traditional band set up. drums, two guitars, vocals .there's two tracks on this tape that tgether pspan twenty-five minutes. the music moves between whimpering drones and moany shoegazing. this band might be named after a song on the twin peaks soundtrack. might be a shakesprare reference or a julius evola reference. this is music to listen to, not write about - c. brendon annesley 2009