BDTD 073 Ovaries - Naked is Better
Skronky noise rock - I guess this is an archival recording of some kind, some heavy garage-level material recorded by Luke Holland of Septic Surge/Trapdoor tapes and Hannah Schiefelbein of Acid Casualty, Omen allt he way back in 2006. Friends, this is by far the heaviest and most psychedelic sounding of the newest lot of Breakdace the Dawn releases. Violent guitar and drum blowout, playedwith the loud fast fury of the Neos and the psychedelic wunderlust of the Broom Dusters and that whole lot of whacked out Japanese PSFer's. The heat today is terrible, just a stinking fucking fog of hot fucking air, and when your room looks and feels like a 20th century Russian bomb shlter and a rvier worth of seat runs over the top of your ball sack and down your thigh, music like this makes you lfeel a little less vacant and a lot more animal. I wanna get a job and move out and throw this tape away for good, its hat good. I think that whatever electrodes were charging through their minds at the time of this release were the same which went though Liquorball's when they recorded 'Live in Hitler's Bunker'. Again it's that good. c. Brendon Annesley 2009