BDTD 086 cupcake club
misfits of the blue mountains, featuring melanie jade from craft bandits.
- Mel Jade is one of the most otherworldly and magical musician/artists we’ve ever met and her playing with her partner Matt Earle in Brisbane’s amazing Craft Bandits is a pure joy. Cup Cake Club is her solo project/band and in a way it expands on the format of Craft Bandits but with a classy NY punk/No Wave sound that gives it more of an amphetamine appeal and positions it somewhere between The Believers, the Electric Eels, Kleenex and Harry Pussy. This album is all quartet recordings, with Mel on bass and vocals, Nathan on guitar, Emily on drums and Doug on keyboards. Cup Cake Club really sum up the label vision of Breakdance The Dawn, an aesthetic that parallels Heath Moreland’s Fag Tapes but extends that whole crude/DIY style into the realm of primitive basement rock laden with irresistible hooks and nada in terms of fidelity. In other words it is fucking amazing. Highly recommended.- c. David Keenan 2011