BDTD 003 Muura
Muura is Matt Earle's solo project: drums, guitar, etc. Inspired by Sufi poetry and sunsets. A must-have, a muura clasic: driving drums, clangy doom guitar. c. 2004. - Muura is the solo project of Matt Earle, also of xnobbqx, antipan and breakdance the dawn infamy. ever since Siltbreeze licensed an LP pressing of xnobbqx's first full length Sunshine of Your Love, way back in 2007, I have taken great pleasure in watching the BDTD label and its ever-growing roster blossom into an internationally supported Mecca of interesting sounds and of all of his musical projects, Muura comes closes to presenting the listener with visions of the back of their own heads. Each of these sides sounds like a single cell of feedback noise from a Butthole Surfers of Fushitsusha show ca. 1988, concentrated and amplified as though it alone were the point. A real headcleaner, and seeing Muura live proved this is just as exhilarating in the flesh. - Brendon Annesley in Negative Guest List 2009.