BDTD 190 xnobbqx - blood and bone
A stand out renewed bbq blues. - Delirious set of “protest songs and new standards” from the Australian duo of Nick Dan and Matt Earle: nobody plays nada-technique avant garage downs with the kind of non-musicianly élan of these two, coming over like an autistic take on the barbarous blues of Captain Beefheart, Royal Trux and Harry Pussy, wrestling single chords into endless vectors of pure free rock blurt and pummelling bruised dirges from refusenik rhythms and sheet metal power chords like a Tori Kudo-led Massacre. Alongside Mad Nanna these guys are capable of alchemising the simplest chord pattern in order to make it sound like the keys to the goddamn kingdom and this is free improvised rock violence that goes way beyond post-jazz improv-isms and all the way out into spontaneous sex/body soundings and fists of pure crude. If you ever thought Guru Guru’s “Next Time Meet You At The Dalai Lama” was the last word in monochord yow but it was just a little too, uh, polished, then this is the kinda breakdown you were dreaming of. Highly recommended. 
  - c. David Keenan 2014