BDTD 201 Pluto - Pluto is a Place

First BDTD release for the solo project of Rohan Holiday of Australian underground units Girls Girls Girls and Wardenburger: Holiday has released a bunch of private cassettes under the names Kitten Party, Goofy and Pluto and Pluto represents one of the furthest orbits of the tone world, with a lush, minimal and uncannily gorgeous set of muffled, low-level circuitry that is as dissolvingly beautiful as anything by William Basinski. Holiday gets all the way out into tiny smears of cosmo-melody over deformed body sound vocals that touch on the deaf chorales of Singing Lesson while exploring the spaceways of the solo Sun Ra catalogue with an approach to angel song that could almost be Mirror. Truly, a beautiful, otherworldly set, and a uniquely personal and romantically dark tone working. Love this. c. David Keenan 2014