BDTD 203 Toilet Roll Doll

Amazing, psychedelic, spectral non wave sound from the Australian underground trio of Max Fowler, Samantha Axiak and Bec Hlodich (Bad Intentions): Matt Earle calls them his “favorite new band of this year.. they set up in the bathroom and play coincidental sounds with heavily amplified percussion and stream of consciousness that goes on forever.. nearly every time I've seen them live someone else sets up and starts playing as if they're not there.” The sound is beautiful, slow motion environmental drones with a domestic Taj Mahal Travellers feel. Indeed, imagine Andrew Chalk using minimal bass dunts, free form angel tone vocals and muzzy field recordings to as part of an improvising ensemble dedicated to post-Eno visions of the sound of right now and you are somewhere close to the punked static drone work of this magical grouping. You could live inside these subliminal recordings all day. Fans of Nijiumu, Mirror, Akio Suzuki, Ora and Brian Eno pretty much need this monster. And what a name! c. David Keenan 2014