BDTD 204 Dry Mouth 'Imm8rtal'

New duo jams from the bottom of the world duo of Cooper Bowman and Sean McMorrow: BDTD label head Matt Earle describes their jams as “some of the best come down/fuck this I’m not going out at all styles” and that kinda captures the obsessive tape work and primitive homemade dub environs that these two inhabit. Making the kind of subliminal use of voices and looped samples of a Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson, Dry Mouth sink them into throbbing, circular organic drone constructs that seem to pulsate with life, with distant tectonics and almost music box melodies suspended like intergalactic spectra amidst planetary-scale shortwave. Indeed, there is something here that really connects to that most puzzling and oddly charismatic of New Zealand underground recordings, John Pilcher and Marin McKelvey late 60s/early 70s concrete masterwork, A Bun Dance, or even the recordings of Etienne O’Leary from the 1960s. Either way, this makes for a massive trip. c. David Keenan 2014