BDTD 205 Girls Girls Girls

More amazing no-count crude avant rock jams from the Australian trio of Matt Earle (Craft Bandits/xNoBBQx/Breakdance The Dawn et al) on percussion and electronics, Adam Park (Sprot) on bass and Rohan Holiday (Kitten Party/Teen Sex) on guitar: Girls Girls Girls play an extremely dilated form of avant garage that subverts concepts of instrumental ability – even of actually playing – to the point of narcoleptic hands-off string dunt and entropic rhythmic collapse. Matt Earle describes this as their ‘metal’ album, and that makes sense if you can imagine a metal album cut by Kommissar Hjular und Mama Baer circa their amazing Ultra Eczema album. Indeed at points it sounds like they have turned the Corwood back catalogue inside out and are now playing it backwards, such is the mind-boggling levels of savant-styled improvisatory prowess on display here. Smears of indecipherable vocals come over like an autistic call to prayer while the drums slug it out with Sunny Murray in the car park and the guitars stagger between psychedelic slo-motion surf/punk re-thinks, F/X damaged one-note ‘solos’ and thuggish bloody-minded invented chord patterns. Sublime rock instants way beyond ‘technique’, this is free improvised music that far outstrips anything going in the tepid contemporary ‘improv’ scene in terms of vision and inspired new modes of group-think. If Derek Bailey was alive today I’d rather hear him jam with these guys than with the usual bedwetters. All sounds are innocent! c. David Keenan 2014